16th February 2018

What is included in the text

This unfamiliar text puts an image of two young men stuck in the middle of nowhere surrounded by large white mountains. The phrase “blackened fingertips” creates an image that they have been out in the cold for a long time, and have developed frostbite on their hands. This also suggests they are probably hungry, fatigued and probably quite tired. Another image the writer has used to give an example of the environment is when he says, “I glazed across at the snowy white sweep of Sarapo”. This quote constructs an image of a vast snowy mountain range looking down on him from above. It also tells us that they are located next to Sarapo, which is a mountain in Peru about 6000 meters high. Altogether, these pieces of information tell us that they are in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a baron sketchy landscape away from civilisation and have to survive in the harshest conditions.

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