1. Technical jargon is not explained in the book because the narrator, Joe Simpson, has wrote his book for a target audience. He has targeted non fiction readers who are interested in climbing and mountaineering. Therefore he won’t need to explain technical jargon to the reader because they should already have some kind of idea as to what is going on in the text and be able to pick up on what Joe is talking about. Not explaining this technical jargon also forces the reader to think more and create an image of the scene in their head.
  2. crampons: a spiky device attached to your shoes designed to give grip for climbing in snow and ice. This technical jargon is useful in this scene because it tells the reader that he climbed up the wall quickly because of his crampons.
  3. Harness: a vital piece of climbing equipment that secures a person to a rope used for ascending and descending on steep faces. This is important in the text because the word harness itself suggests that they are on a steep part of the climb and potentually in a sketchy situation.
  4. serac: the ridge on a surface of a glacier. This is important in the text because it puts a more defined technical image what is going on in Joe’s head as he is faced with a tough situation.

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