28th March 2018

chapter 7

contrasting is used to show Joe’s feelings and experiences because it helps the reader understand that when he is faced with different conflicting situations his thoughts and feelings are forever changing. For an example, he describes the black space below him in the crevasse as: “the stark blackness of the drops, too deep for the light to penetrate…the black space held untold horrors….staring at the black hole in front of me….the dark spaces menaced” (page 110), but then contrasts these dark images with descriptions of the night sky: “small hole in the roof, where the sky was cloudless, packed with stars, and moonlight was adding its glow to their bright sparkle.” Contrasting is used here to show that Joe is a two minded person with some thoughts being dark and pessimistic whilst his other side is optimistic and full of hope. Joe’s contrasting thoughts are extremely/ helpful for the reader as they let us into his mind and what he is thinking.


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