6th April 2018

chapter 8

mood and tone were used in this chapter to create an atmosphere and a more depth feeling into the readers mind. Joe uses this language technique a lot to bring the reader closer into what he was experiencing at the time. An example of this is when Joe is stuck in the crevasse and he says, “This place was ageless and lifeless. A mass of snow, and ice, and rock slowly moving upwards; freezing, thawing, cracking asunder, always chasing with the passing of centuries. What a silly thing to pit oneself against!” This quote sets a mood of a cold never ending emptiness and darkness that makes the reader feel as if Joe is completely hopeless stuck in a prison of snow and ice. The attitude and tone Joe sets in this quote sounds as if he is very pitiful of himself and almost trance like with not much emotion or feelings.

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  1. A detailed explanation of this section, Daniel. Did you manage to select another passage to analyse “mood” and “tone”?


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