In chapter 6 of “Touching the Void”, the men are faced with multiple problems on how they are going to get down the mountain. With no gas left and a fierce storm brewing in the distance the men have to act quick if they are to make it down alive. Because they have no choice […]

1.State your Point (first sentence) 2.Expand (with relevant background detail) 3.examples (specific) The text states”……”   It is revealed “……..” words like “……..” the selected text “……” tells us…. 4.your own response what does the reader lean, what does the reader think/visualise/feel, what connections can the reader make to other experiences or contexts, what is the […]

Chapter 5 of touching the void is one of the most climactic moments for Joe, the protagonist. In pages 71-73 Joe is faced with a life threading disaster, when he slips off a vertical ice wall and falls hundreds of feet rupturing his right knee joint. Joe uses many different language techniques to bring the […]

The pun, “on the edge” is used in multiple contexts to summarize the events of this chapter. The pun could be used in a literal way, for example the men could be literally scaling the edge of a mountain. The mental meaning could mean they are on the edge of danger, or have to overcome […]

These lines in the text help us to understand what Joe is going through in his head when he summits Siula Grande. They tell us that even though he should be over the moon, he feels as if this is just another plain old mountain and that he is back to “square one” again. These […]

Technical jargon is not explained in the book because the narrator, Joe Simpson, has wrote his book for a target audience. He has targeted non fiction readers who are interested in climbing and mountaineering. Therefore he won’t need to explain technical jargon to the reader because they should already have some kind of idea as […]

Joe and simon have a very strong relationship as they have rely on each other for everything when climbing. Their relationship is strong because they have to work together in difficult times and make life or death decisions together. As we get further into the book Joe and Simons relationship keeps on growing stronger as […]