The endless dirt tracks weave their way down the hill as far as the eye can see. So many to choose from, every trail has its own story, its own crashes, and hours of hard work put in by the pioneers of Wanakas mountain bike scene. As I make my way down, my tires flick […]

Survival. As humans we strive to survive even in the toughest of conditions. The decisions you make in a difficult life threatening circumstance can be the fine line between life and death. For the men of “Touching the Void”, and Aron Ralston from 127 hours they are forced to make piece with the fact that […]

Describe at least one important technique used in the written text. Explain how this technique helped you understand one or more key ideas. In the text touching the void, The author Joe Simpson uses language techniques to help convey the story and give a deeper insight into what is going through his mind. Symbolism can […]

Techniques symbolism: The mountain, The rope, The voice Narrator voice/ perspective/ point of narration                                                                                    […]

Lance Armstrong, for those of you who don’t know him, no hes not the guy that landed on the moon. In Fact in my eyes, Lance Armstrong overcame something much harder than that. Lance Armstrong is one of the many people who has had to face the deadly sickness of testicular cancer. As well as […]

In chapter 9 of touching the void, Joe uses light as a form of symbolism and gives it additional meaning instead of its literal meaning. When Joe is lowering himself deeper into the crevasse he reaches finally the snowy white floor and spots a beam of light shinning through a hole in the roof. Joe […]

mood and tone were used in this chapter to create an atmosphere and a more depth feeling into the readers mind. Joe uses this language technique a lot to bring the reader closer into what he was experiencing at the time. An example of this is when Joe is stuck in the crevasse and he […]

contrasting is used to show Joe’s feelings and experiences because it helps the reader understand that when he is faced with different conflicting situations his thoughts and feelings are forever changing. For an example, he describes the black space below him in the crevasse as: “the stark blackness of the drops, too deep for the […]

In chapter 6 of “Touching the Void”, the men are faced with multiple problems on how they are going to get down the mountain. With no gas left and a fierce storm brewing in the distance the men have to act quick if they are to make it down alive. Because they have no choice […]

1.State your Point (first sentence) 2.Expand (with relevant background detail) 3.examples (specific) The text states”……”   It is revealed “……..” words like “……..” the selected text “……” tells us…. 4.your own response what does the reader lean, what does the reader think/visualise/feel, what connections can the reader make to other experiences or contexts, what is the […]